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Our Services

Focusing on Continuity of Care

Our clients attending IOP meet for group sessions, are engaged in individual therapy with a clinical therapist, and consult with medical provider to implement and monitor proper medication management in accordance with each client's individualized treatment plan.  All while working regular jobs, attending self-help groups, and reconnecting with family and friends.

Typically, our IOP program is about 12 weeks depending on the client’s treatment plan.

Our clients attending OP have either completed IOP, do not need an IOP level of care, and/or are receiving continuous Medication Management / Vivitrol services with us & are not enrolled in other Launch Pad Wellness services.

This group serves to help individuals address the continual challenges navigating their lives in recovery after stepping down from an Intensive Treatment Program.

  • Group is held once a week.

  • Individuals are expected to create a plan for long term recovery.

Individual therapy is part of the ongoing clinical services offered at Launch Pad Wellness. Our staff is trained to recognize, diagnose, and treat substance use and co-occurring mental health issues. The longer an individual is abstinent from drugs/alcohol, the more likely the mental health or co-occurring issue will surface and put them at a higher risk of relapse.

Launch Pad Wellness is now offering primary mental health outpatient therapy.

Travis and Cecily are both available and accepting new clients.

See their bios for what their specialties. 

Launch Pad Wellness is proud to offer a faith-based individual counseling track. Please be reminded that Launch Pad Wellness operates from an abstinence-based place of healing. Launch Pad Wellness can focus on harm reduction with an end goal of complete abstinence. We have two counselors who provide faith-based counseling.

Launch Pad Wellness offers a continuum of care that includes Psychiatric services. Each individual that is enrolled in treatment with Launch Pad Wellness will have the opportunity to see the medical provider for an evaluation as part of their treatment services. Our Medical Director is a psychiatrist who oversees client care and our nurse practitioner is directly involved with the individual's continuum of care.  They both specialize in addiction medicine and mental health, which means they have a special understanding of an individuals’ needs in early recovery from a substance use or mental health disorder.  We do require each client who is receiving medication management services to be engaging in some form of clinical services with us.

Launch Pad Wellness recognizes that the disease of addiction is a family disease and we strive to work with the client and family unit.   Our family involvement begins at intake, clinicians ask each client, if they would like a family questionnaire sent out to a loved one. We review each and every one that is returned.  With a valid consent signed, we make an initial phone call, to inform the client’s loved one / emergency contact, they’ve been admitted and open lines of communication. 

We also offer family counseling either by telehealth or in-person, per  request by the client and/or family member. 

We are proud to be in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, NC State Health Plan (Clear Pricing Project Provider), United Healthcare,

Tricare, and NC Medicaid. 

We bill out-of-network for all other insurances. 

We also offer a bundled weekly self-pay rate for IOP and aftercare.

We can sometimes work on a sliding scale for self-pay.

Please contact us to discuss further

Vivitrol is a long lasting,  monthly injection, prescribed and administered by our medical staff for individuals with alcohol and/or opioid addiction.

Vivitrol simply contains time released Naltrexone, a planned alternative to taking daily Naltrexone pills,  and is FDA-approved for alcohol use disorder and opioid dependence treatment

Essentially, a non-narcotic opioid antagonist, (it blocks opioids from attaching to the opioid receptors in the brain & stimulating the reward system). Naltrexone and is used to help reduce cravings and prevent relapse. 


All individuals receiving Vivitrol will need to be enrolled in a Launch Pad Wellness treatment program, as Vivitrol works best coupled with clinical care.  Vivitrol, used in conjunction with addiction treatment, greatly reduces the likelihood of addictive behaviors & increases the success rate for long term recovery.

What to Expect:

Have questions about what to expect as a client at Launch Pad Wellness?  Here is some basic information to assist in understanding the intake and treatment process.


Initially we collect demographic and insurance information.  It is important for us to verify insurance benefits prior to admission so we can be clear in what your financial responsibility will be based on your insurance benefits. 

This would also be a time we would discuss any copays, self-pay responsibilities, or self-pay rates. 

Once we have collected this information and discussed we will schedule an intake appointment with one of our master’s level clinicians.  This appointment typically takes about an hour and a half and begins with signing releases of information, consents for treatment, and other related policies. 

Next, the client meets with the clinician to complete their bio-psycho-social assessment and then recommendations for the most appropriate level of care are discussed between the client and clinician. 

Treatment can then begin immediately!

We view the client as a whole and work to ensure each client has support

in all areas of their lives.

(this can include referring clients for primary care, nutritional support, dental care, supportive housing, DWI services, or other specialty mental health care). 

Sister Services

Bridging the Gap in Care

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The Launch Pad
Structured Recovery Living

Launch Pad was founded in 2003 & offers both men's and women's structured recovery housing. All houses are along a bus route, situated in neighborhoods, have a live in House Manager, and fully furnished to provide an atmosphere of home.  Launch Pad  main office is the RRC building on Wrightsville Ave with a 9AM-5PM:  Monday-Friday & 24/7 Crisis Intervention. Our housing is its' own community, with events for holidays, League Softball team, two hour recovery groups on weekdays based on the vital signs of recovery, and Saturday Orientations. For more information and to complete a phone screen call 910-632-2344.

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DWI Assessments 
Counseling Services

Designed to be your guidepost to help navigate the challenges that may arise through the process of DWI resolution. Many questions could and should arise along this path, and we are prepared to answer them.

Through our support services, we offer alcohol and drug assessments and group counseling. Knowing how time consuming this whole process has been and may be for a while, we’ve taken the time to outline many of the details involved in the DWI assessment procedure here on our site, in an attempt to expedite the process.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office. We’re here to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

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